Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Acts of War

I haven't commented on it too much, but it seems clear now that the time to act has come. The British government has made clear the reality of the situation - British Marines and sailors had boarded a merchant ship well within Iraqi waters. The Iranian navy boarded the ship and captured the British sailors, and hauled them off quickly into Iranian waters. A British frigate was nearby, but to avoid international incident she did not intervene once the Iranians had crossed back into their territory. The Iranians first acknowledged the position of the merchant ship, then changed their story.

Now the Iranians have stepped it up. Tony Blair has severed diplomatic relations, and the Iranians have paraded their prisoners on national TV, interrogated them, forced them to write "confessions," and dressed the lone woman up in a burqua.

John Hinderaker wonders, "Does the Geneva Convention apply to anyone other than the U.S.?"

No word yet about whether the British have been forcibly converted to Islam.

On wonders now - how many more acts of aggression is the Western world ready to tolerate, and what kind of an act of war by Iran and its insane leaders will we finally consider such an act?

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