Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Beauty of Socialism

Mark Steyn reports on the glories of living in a socialized Germany:

Desperate mothers are being urged to drop their unwanted babies through hatches at hospitals in an effort to halt a spate of infanticides that has shocked Germany.

At least 23 babies have been killed so far this year, many of them beaten to death or strangled by their mothers before being dumped on wasteland and in dustbins.

Mark says:

Germany has one of the lowest fertility rates in Europe, net population loss, and a rapidly depopulating east thats economically unsustainable. Thirty per cent of German women are childless, 40 per cent of female university graduates are childless...

By the way, look at the first word of that report, from The Times of London:Desperate mothers. Why, in a land of socialized health care and lavish welfare, are mothers sodesperate?

Why, indeed...

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