Wednesday, March 21, 2007

All Hail the Goracle!

Al Gore testified before the House Energy and Science Committee meeting today. Al thought he was special and asked for a longer opening statement for his testimony. He was granted an exceptional 30 minutes (he used 37). He asked for the opportunity to turn in a copy of his testimony 24 hours before the hearing, half of the 48 hour time frame the rules demand. He was granted this reduction, and instead turned in his testimony 1 minute before the hearing began.

Actually, the Democratic congressmen got it earlier.

As is customary, the majority and minority parties also give opening statements. The Democrats waived theirs to give Gore extra time for his. Gore showed up 30 minutes late to the hearing so that he could skip the Republican's opening statement.

Now we get into what he said. Unfortunately, I could only see the opening statement, so you'll have to look elsewhere for Gore refusing to live his own constructed "carbon neutral life," and for video of Barbara Boxer waiving the gavel at Senator Inhofe because of his vocal frustrations at Gore's long-winded answers.

Gore began his statement with a hilariously idiotic comment. He reminded the committee that in the 1970 the CO2 content of the atmosphere was 300 parts per million. He claimed the CO2 level on Earth has never risen above this level until now going back "1 million years" "in the ice record." I laughed out loud. Unfortunately for the Goracle the ice record goes back consistently only 5,000 to 10,000 years, and occasionally up to 100,000 years. Close, but... actually, not really.

Gore asked the congress to "rise above partisanship" and unite to save the world from global warming. As I said earlier, requests to reduce partisanship shouldn't come after skipping the first part of a meeting so that you miss the Republican's opening statements.

He then described "man-mad global warming" in the same context as our victory over Germany and Japan in World War II, and the Spartan stand at Thermopylae. He asked the congress to "defend civilization." Dramatic anyone? Ignore Islamic fascism and save the Earth!

Gore went on to claim that "I promise our children will look back" and "ask 'what was wrong with them?'" If you were describing yourself Mr. Gore, then you're right.

What are Gore's solutions? Outlaw incandescent light bulbs and tax pollution. Forget Kyoto is worthless by Kyoto's own standards, lets start a new treaty that would destroy our own economy and ignore countries like China and India.

Al Gore has made a complete fool of himself. Not only is he uninformed about the science he claims to respect, he's turned this debate truly into a religion of self-loathing and calls to "save the world." Not to mention Gore's hypocrisy (maybe he should get rid of some incandescent light bulbs in his mansion) and new revelations that he owns a horribly polluting zinc mine, Al Gore has massacred his public image to anyone who is actually paying attention.

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