Monday, April 16, 2007

Abortion in the News

The Iowa State Daily reports on an abortion protest on Iowa State University's campus. Members of ISU Students for Life protested abortion by placing 6,000 white flags across central campus - one for every abortion that takes place in Iowa each year. The controversy arose when a concerned citizen decided that it was his "free speech" right to remove the flags. In a classic protest-counter protest move, as the one student removed the flags, ISU Student for Life replaced them.

When the organization finally called the police, it was revealed that they had overstepped the bounds for their protest, and had to relocate their flags within a smaller area.

The really amazing thing is that students now believe that it is their free speech right to interrupt and disrupt speech they disagree with. It's a scary new phenomenon.

Next in the news, it seems that British doctors in greater an greater numbers are unwilling to perform abortions. It's another interesting new trend...

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