Monday, April 16, 2007

Horror in Walcott!

Iowahawk provides us all yet another view of terrorism in the midwest:

WALCOTT, IOWA - Clad in civilian Reeboks and Gem sweaters, clutching pink gift bags filled with hot Maid Rites and souvenir Herky the Hawkeye Beanie Babies, over three dozen smiling British Royal Marines waved for cameras and boarded a London-bound RAF bus this morning in the parking lot of Walcott's sprawling Iowa 80 Truck Stop.

The surprise morning release of the 38 sailors and marines ended a tense three-day standoff between the British government and a breakaway Lutheran militia group that controls large swaths of the notorious "Manure Triangle" region spanning Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.


The visit was not without controversy. As a condition for meeting with Gunderson, Pelosi agreed to go on a tour of several Lutheran holy sites. Several right wing websites criticized Pelosi for participating in what they termed stage-managed insurgent propaganda, and were especially critical of Pelosi's decision to wear native garb while doing so.


Her most controversial appearance was at Knoxville Raceway, where she posed next to a sprint car in the traditional summer Tubetop.

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