Thursday, April 12, 2007

Obligatory Gratuitous "Bush is Nixon" Comment

Harry Reid is desperate. Running on a platform of "we aren't Republicans" has gotten the Democrats control of congress, yet they seem to be unable to accomplish anything. The continuing mockery of their first 100 hours of failure notwithstanding, the Democrats have seemed to hinge their hopes of control of the country on abandoning the fledgling democracy in Iraq.

The best way for Democrats to abandon Iraq is to compare Iraq at all times to Vietnam, and therefore Bush to Nixon. Reid excels at these comparisons and has dropped another whopper just the other day. Why? Because Bush is going to veto the "war funding" bill, because in actuality it is an "abandon Iraq and toss hundreds of millions of dollars at special interests" bill. If Bush vetoes the bill the Democrats will have to choose between abandoning our troops on the field or playing to their ravenous supporters on the far left. How desperate are they to do both?

Bush also objects to $20 billion-plus in "pork" spending programs that Democrats have included in the bill, although Democratic leaders defend the funding as need emergency spending for Hurricane Katrina victims, child health programs, and veteran care.

Eh? The Democrats have bought the votes to the "abandon Iraq" bill by pumping it full of millions of dollars of crap. The only reason a Democrat would claim this pork is needed is that they assume you, as an American citizen, are too stupid to find out for yourself what kind of unnecessary funding and special interest pacifiers have been tossed in it. Sugar beets, planting trees, and the University of Vermont don't have anything to do with Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, child health care, or veterans.

Keep going strong Harry. In no time an American public which is quick to ask "what have you done for me lately?" won't be keeping your party in office for long. Unless you write a few million dollars into a war spending bill for us...

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