Thursday, November 03, 2005

Attacks Already Shrill and Innacurate... Again

Slowpitch's early evaluation of the attack campaign against John Roberts' nomination to the Supreme Court was an excellent entrance into the world of the lefty attack machine.

This week began the liberal assault on Samuel Alito. All guns have come to bear and begun blazing. Here is an excellent roundup of one attack campaign in progress.

The Progress Report lists several sensational claims of what Judge Alito will do once on the Supreme Court. These are both sensationalized and/or completely false. One of the faithful contributors to the Daily Kos jumps on the bandwagon, picks up the "Judge Alito supported the strip-search of a 10-year old girl" story, and throws in the "I'm an angry father and I can't believe this horrible person" angle.

However, in stark contrast to the falsehoods and obscenity of the lefty blogs, the righty blogs handle the situation fairly and accurately. Right Wing News jumps all over the Kos piece and clearly points out the falsehoods, as does this Powerline article.

I feel bad for people that read only one side of the story, and here is a clear example of why. An important and controversial case that Judge Alito had a controversial stance on is reported in two very contrasting ways. The left tosses out some "facts" and adds righteous anger and fatherly disgust. However, the right investigates the situation in full for you to understand yourself. In other words - the left attacks, and the right explains.

Be wary when you hear anything about the "horrible" Judge Sam Alito.

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