Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bill Clinton on Civil Rights

For those of you who missed it, civil rights leader and pioneer Rosa Parks died just last week. She, of course, is known for famously refusing to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama bus to a white man, therefore blasting racism and segregation into the national spotlight via Martin Luther King's Montgomery bus boycott. What you might not have known is that Bill Clinton was one of the first people to fight racism in America. During Clinton's speech at Rosa Parks' funeral today in Detroit he described how he, as a nine year-old southern white boy, took to heart what Rosa had done (from FoxNews video):

When Rosa showed us that Black folks didn't have to sit in the back anymore, two of my friends and I who strongly approved of what she had done, decided we didn't have to sit in the front anymore. *applause*

There you have it - Bill Clinton; nine year-old racial freedom fighter. Who knew? Is this revisionist history, or just a humorous little childhood story that Bill forgot to mention until now. Maybe it depends on what the definition of the word is is...

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