Friday, May 05, 2006

The Real Iraq War

Why is it that I have repeatedly gotten more and better information about the war in Iraq from the History Channel?

An old special that I just saw today was called Iraq: Insurgency and Counterinsurgency. This special began with a concise and truthful overview of the war in Iraq from beginning to now (a more universal and more critical overview than I have ever seen). The basis of the special was that the US military's initial strategy failed, and the new strategy of training Iraqi security forces has been implemented and is largely successful. Due to this truthful nature, the special was largely positive of our progress in Iraq and pointed to the successful transition of security to the Iraqis themselves.

Why is it that these stories are not reported? Do the hotels in the Green Zone in Baghdad not allow reporters from CNN to see the great successes of the Iraqi military? Why, oh why, do I have to watch the History Channel to get any kind of a clue about how the war is going?

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