Friday, June 23, 2006

Revisionist History Success

It's frightening to me about how successful revisionist history can be. Through "historical" movies and other popular culture sources, people in this world can be let to believe almost anything. From the homicidal dictator of Iran denying the holocaust, to Oliver Stone's creation of the JFK assassination, these historical revisionist are becoming more and more successful in swaying peoples beliefs on topics whose validity are unquestionable. Dwight Eisenhower himself demanded that troops, journalists, and German citizens witness the horror of concentration camps in Nazi Germany, lest anyone disbelieve they ever existed.

This report by the Times shows that Muslims worldwide don't believe that Islamic extremists were to blame for 9/11. Over 50% of Muslims in Western European countries don't believe that Arab terrorists had anything to do with 9/11. Not only is this frightening, it signals the broad distrust among Muslims of the American government, and evidence of a worldwide propaganda machine that is reaching these Muslims and stopping them from seeing the truth.

Oh, I've seen and read a whole bunch of 9/11 conspiracy websites and I've even seen Loose Change. None of these have any real evidence to the contrary to prove 9/11 was anything other than what we have always known it to be: an attack on freedom by Islamic fundamentalist jihadists.

The success of these revisions of history is something we should all fight against, and their success is our failure if we do not speak up.

Also, if anyone would like to toss out some 9/11 conspiracy theories I would love to destroy them. Most of them are so flimsy it's pretty easy to point out their ridiculousness. Watching the History Channel can help, too.

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