Friday, October 20, 2006

No, this is not a story

The AP is up to their same old tactics again. I feel honest pity for them, and for the people who only read their version of what happens in the world on a daily basis.

The AP proudly declares, "Bush to consult on changing Iraq tactics." Talk about a misleading headline! If you have ever ever listened to George W. Bush talk about the war in Iraq he says nearly every time that he leaves decisions up to "the generals on the ground." Every time! So when he is quoted as saying:

[Bush] said he planned consultations within the next few days with Gen. John Abizaid, the top U.S. commander in the Middle East, and Gen. George Casey, who leads the U.S.-led Multinational Forces in Iraq.

"We are constantly adjusting our tactics so we can achieve the objectives and right now, it's tough," the president said. "It's tough on the families who've lost a loved one. It's tough for our citizens who look at it on TV. It's hard on the Iraqis. They've lost a lot of life."

This is not news! This is the same thing he says (and does) almost every day, but with a headline like "Bush to change Iraq tactics" it makes headline-watchers think that he is conceding some kind of mistake, or is actually going to listen to someone else for a change. Both distortions, and both the fault of the AP.

Oh, and the end of the article?

Calling the Democrats the party of "cut and run," Bush said: "The voters out there need to ask the question, `Which political party will support the brave men and women who wear our uniform when they do their job of protecting America? Which political party is willing to give our professionals the tools necessary to protect the American people? Which political party has a strategy for victory in this war on terror?' "

Is this a rhetorical question that the AP leaves the readers to answer? I bet that Bush did not finish his speech this way. It's clear that the AP is also asking this question - and I think that their answer is different than the President's.

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