Thursday, November 09, 2006


So we lost. We aren't complaining (at least too loudly), we aren't claiming they cheated, and I doubt any recounts will make it to the Supreme Court.

So why did we lose? Unlike liberals, who when they are out of power decided that they needed to be more liberal to win, conservatives actually became, well, non-conservative.

What is the common thread in the Democrats that got elected or nearly elected? Webb in Virginia? Ford (almost) in Tennessee? Lieberman in Connecticut? It's that they are conservative Democrats (or recently independents). The Republicans rejected their conservativism and have paid the price. Wake up call? Yes - and hopefully we don't hit snooze in the run-up to 2008.

The Democrats have a historic opportunity here. You see, they ran John Kerry in 2004 with a simply campaign slogan - John Kerry is not George Bush. This slogan and policy failed miserably for a whole host of reasons - least of which is that John Kerry didn't stand for anything.

Two years later you see the Democrats doing the same thing. A "new direction." A "new plan." What plan? What direction? It wasn't until November 6th that I got emails from John Kerry and Howard Dean. Oh, yea - we support cheaper gas prices, socialized healthcare, and our favorite "new direction." What?

The Democrats have successfully taken over Congress with literally no policies or procedures they want to accomplish. Nancy Pelosi said that the Democrats are "ready to lead." Where?

Chuck Rangel wants to raise taxes. Jon Conyers wants to impeach Bush (do you think he'll read the legislation?) John Murtha wants to abandon Iraq. Is that the mandate the American people have given the Democrats?

Indeed, this election may have given the Democrats their strongest challenge in 12 years - to do something. It's clear that for nearly 12 years Nancy and Harry and John have been 100% devoted to opposition. Blaming those in power will no longer work for the Democrats - and they had better think fast. (I bet they wished they had let pass that "nuclear option," huh?)

Which leads us to the most important issue of our time - Iraq. Will the Democrats force us to leave? Will the House pull the purse strings until there is no choice? One would certainly hope not, or the most important thrust in the War on Terror will have been for naught. However, if the Democrats devote their livelihoods to impeachment, proving global warming, HillaryCare, and raising taxes I'm sure that their stay will be short.

Bill Whittle explains our commitment to Iraq here, and blows apart every common excuse for peaceniks to be peaceniks.

What should we remember?

Doves think the choice is between fighting or not fighting. Hawks think the choice is between fighting now or fighting later.

Will the Democrats pull a Murtha and run? Or will they be so preoccupied with their presumptive power that they will practice their full-court press against the administration. We'll have to wait and see, but we need not wait to know what is right and necessary.

AN ADDITIONAL TRUTH: Is it not a bit disconcerting that "from Paris to Pakistan" the world is celebrating the return of the Democrats? From dictators in the middle east to socialists in Europe, it seems that we have finally truly passed the global test.

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