Monday, April 23, 2007

Three Great Strategies for Saving the Planet

John Travolta, operator of several large private aircraft for purely recreational interest, recently suggested the rest of us start moving into domed cities and consider colonizing other planets to prevent further damage to the earth. Now Philosopher Sheryl Crow has added her hefty intellectual prowess to the search for ways to reduce our respective carbon footprints. From her Washington Post blog:

1) Host a reality show between contestants trying to live with the smallest carbon footprint. The winner gets a recording contract. (If you're an aspiring artist, start living outside without plumbing or fire and maybe cross the country planting apple seeds.)
2) Start wearing shirts with detachable sleeves, using them to wipe your mouth or blow your nose instead of paper products made from trees that didn't have to be cut down.
3) Require all citizens to use less than 3 sheets of toilet paper per bathroom visit to cut down on the paper products we consume in our daily acitivites.

I first thought her blog was a joke, but it appears to be an actual attempt to address what she believes to be a real problem. Algore is in great company. How about these morons begin by bringing their personal consumption down to the level of a typical American family before they can even begin to voice in the debate? Then we'll consider the detachable sleeves.

Update by radar: Sheryl should probably start her own reduction of global warming and environmental pollution by limiting the size of her 3 tractor-trailer, 4 bus, and 6 car entourage for each of her tour stops. I'm glad that Al Gore isn't the only mindless global warming alarmist hypocrite.

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Kelly J. Guiter said...

Actually, one could reasonably combine numbers 2 and 3 by wiping their ass with their sleeves. Might as well kill two Crows with one stone.