Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What are the Democrats doing?

For all of those who voted for current members of the 110th congress I ask you: are you happy? Are you satisfied with your choice?

After the current Senate Majority Leader went on the national airwaves and proclaimed we had "lost" the war in Iraq, he's now saying that he plans to ignore the commander of American forces in Iraq, General Petraeus, if the general states that the surge of troops in Baghdad is working (and for all intents and purposes it is). Reid, in the same manner as Johnson and Nixon during the Vietnam war, believes that he as a politician is more intelligent and knowledgeable about war and peace than military officials, and that regardless of evidence or expert testimony he knows he is right and everyone who disagrees with him is wrong. How did this man make his way to the top of the Democratic leadership?

Next, after the President vetoes the unconstitutional troop funding bill that decrees our troops leave Iraq within a specific time table, the Democrats have promised to introduce another unconstitutional war funding bill that decrees American troops begin leaving Iraq on October 1st. Would the Democrats please read the Constitution (specifically Article II)?

Now, in the midst of far-left Democratic madness, Dennis Kucinich is introducing articles of impeachment for Vice President Cheney! What!? I watched an interview with Dennis on CNN, and he claimed that he is going after Cheney and not Bush because literally Cheney is worse! What are the charges? That Cheney:

...misled the nation about Iraq's having weapons of mass destruction; he had been deceitful about a nexus between Iraq and Al Qaeda and was being aggressive toward Iran "absent any real threat" from the Islamic Republic.

Dream on, Dennis. Did Cheney manipulate the Senate Intelligence Committee, French, Russian, and British Intelligence too? (Not to mention John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and others...) Was there not a link between Al Qaeda and Iraq before 2003? Is Iran not a threat to world peace and security? Not to mention that are any of these items, if true, "high crimes and misdemeanors"?

Dennis Kucinich, Harry Reid, and the Democrats in congress are rapidly proving to be not only inept, corrupt, and desperately political, but completely and inconsolably insane.

Update: Speaking of insane:

Jim Manley, Reid's spokesman, said earlier that the "war is lost" comment was not in Reid's prepared text for the news conference last Thursday.

It has been almost a week since the majority leader uttered the unscripted remark...

Does it matter that it was "unscripted?" Yes, in that it shows what Reid really thinks outside of what his handlers allow him to say.

"I'm not going to get into a name-calling match with the administration's chief attack dog [Cheney]," Reid said, repeating "attack dog" three times.

Could you be considered certifiably stupid if in the same sentence you claimed to both not resort to "name calling" and call your opponent an "attack dog?"

Reid called Petraeus on Monday to offer his personal support for the troops fighting insurgents in Iraq, according to Reid's office.

Oh! Well, then! In that case Harry probably shouldn't have already said that regardless of what Petraeus says he still thinks the war is lost and the surge isn't working. Harry Reid, it would be best for everyone if you just stopped talking.

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